Mindset the New Psychology of Success

About a fixed versus a growth mindset. I love how she challenges the status quo and the concept that we are all capable of whatever we set our mind to.

Everyone Communicates Few Connect by John C. Maxwell

Oh boy, he has it down pat how to be a good person and how to treat others. Absolutely love all his writings.

Well John Maxwell references him a lot, so that should give you the clue why this is a great book. Again it’s about being a great person and not the “typical” salesperson.

The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia

What can I say! The woman has class and totally subscribes to the simple classics, that stand the test of time. And she’s funny too!


Oh well – If you read my About section you will know I love tennis, and Rafa is my all time hero. He works hard, is humble and he perseveres. And he’s such a great human as well. Kind and caring.

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