Triple threat!

“Charlotte is the best – Cabi stylist, closet organization/clean out, encouraging support – she will help you feel your best self! I HIGHLY recommend working with Charlotte Hart as you venture into the world of Cabi clothing (which having amazing fit for women!) and let her help you move forward into a reenergized you!!!”

Beth Thomsen

Comfortable, fun and chic!

“I have been shopping with Charlotte Hart, Cabi consultant for 5 years now, after having been introduced to the clothing line at a friend’s home.
Charlotte really knows and advises how to wear, mix and match, and create the right fit for individuals.
I really like the clothing and reach in my closet for the comfortable, fun, and chic clothing most of the time.
Charlotte is so integral to the process ….with her honesty, abilities to make the outfits a must-have, and always available to help with any questions.”

Eileen Nervo

Lovely to work with…

“Initially, I met Charlotte Hart at a networking event and was interested in how her service worked and how she could help me improve my existing wardrobe. I had not heard of the Cabi clothing line she represents, and being a brand loyalist elsewhere, I wasn’t sure I’d be interested in the Cabi pieces, though I wanted to keep an open mind. I’m so pleased that I did! I met Charlotte at her studio for a private consultation wherein we discussed better ways for me to wear the pieces I had brought with me, as well as how her Cabi line could compliment my closet. I was really impressed with the look, feel, and comfort of the Cabi line and ended up purchasing a few pieces. Fast forward a few months and I’m hooked! I attended Charlotte’s Spring show, brought a friend, I’ve purchased a few more pieces, and have plans to bring a few more friends to her next show. I also have a shopping list ready!

Overall, the Cabi clothing line is attractive, comfortable, easy to care for, has a generous and flattering fit, and Charlotte is just lovely to work with. She knows her product, is professional, and NEVER creates a sense of obligation to purchase. Charlotte’s approach makes it easy for me to recommend her product and service, and I’ve already become a brand loyalist :)”

Jill Ross

Feeling cabi fab…

“I just attended my third Cabi party. Charlotte Hart does an amazing presentation about all of the incredible clothes that Cabi has to offer. She is kind, entertaining and very knowledgeable about how each garment will fit and how to find the best look for your body type. The clothes are incredibly well made and very fashion current. Charlotte provides great insight into what’s currently popular in fashion and when I wear my new Cabi clothes I feel very well put together and extremely happy with my choices. What a fabulous way to spend a few hours!”

Marcia Tilford

Johnny on the spot…

“Cabi never disappoints!! I just received a new order from Cabi, 5 new pieces, right to my door, and they all fit great! I have worn Cabi for years, and they are just so flattering and comfortable, and I am always getting compliments on them! I mix and match past seasons with new pieces, and the quality wears on and on! Of course I am very partial as well to my stylist Charlotte Hart! She is very helpful, honest, and Johnny on the spot with any needs!I hope you enjoy your Cabi closet as much as I do!”

Sonya H.

“I am so grateful for Charlotte. While I love clothes, I hate shopping for them and working with her has made fashion and shopping fun again! She knows my style and my sizing so I can shop with confidence now. She is a beautiful soul inside and out!”

Megan Wilson, Mindset Activation Coach & Speaker

Back to the Office…

“Charlotte, I have to thank you for making my return to the office fun and super stylish! After working from home for two years wearing only yoga pants and sweatshirts, the thought of having to put together an outfit suitable for the office was daunting and much more difficult than I had anticipated – I truly was lost in my own closet. When I came to your show at Jenny’s house, I was inspired by your enthusiasm for the CABI fall line, your knowledge of all the looks, and your ability to seek to understand exactly what I was looking for (especially when I didn’t know myself!). You helped me put together outfits that would travel well, wow the crowd and, to my pleasant surprise, feel as comfortable as my favorite yoga clothes!”

Maja N.

Stylist Extraordinaire

Stylist Extraordinaire

Relaxing Consultation. Welcoming Environment.

“I have worked with Charlotte as both a cabi representative and a stylist for several years now, and I can’t say enough good things about her work. Charlotte has both a keen sense of style and an appreciation and eye for what works well for different body types and styles. Her studio is a welcoming environment that makes every consultation relaxing and private (something I have a great appreciation for) and always makes me feel comfortable. Charlotte listens to your concerns and makes great suggestions. I have often been surprised that some of my favorite pieces are ones that I would not have even tried on but for her suggestions. I now have an extensive collection of cabi fashion – from professional office to casual wear and Charlotte always has fresh ideas for mix and match pieces. I highly recommend her services for anyone who wants to up their style game.”

Veronica N.

Smart, Professional & Fun

“I love working with Charlotte and look forward to our “shopping” days together. She is amazingly smart, professional, fun to be with and knows her stuff! I love that I feel comfortable whole-heartedly recommending her to my friends. And I know I dress better because of her!”

Jenny S.

Beautiful, Comfortable & Professional

“There has never been a time that I have put on cabi from Charlotte that I haven’t felt truly amazing and put together! She styles me to what looks good on my body and is truthful when I pick out something that won’t work. Going to her studio is like going into my very own dressing room. Charlotte takes her sense of style and her knowledge of my lifestyle and makes me feel beautiful, comfortable and professional all at once!”

Rie C.

Relaxing. Fun. Constructive!

“Charlotte has been invaluable in helping me transform my wardrobe and overall look over the past 2 years as a cabi stylist. I am so grateful for her service. Her lovely studio affords me the privacy to try clothes on while Charlotte creates a relaxing and fun experience exploring new fashion trends. She offers objective and constructive feedback……I always leave her studio feeling very satisfied with my purchases. She gives me style ideas and helps me stay current. I also appreciate her responsiveness when I reach out to her for any issues relating to my purchases. She absolutely nails it when it comes to customer satisfaction!

“Charlotte offers a broader community service in her work with local women, helping them become empowered in their lives, their businesses, their unique self expression.

“I feel very honored to know Charlotte. I appreciate her warm outreach. She’s never pushy, just very friendly and present, offering her valuable service as a fashion stylist and coach.”

Meg L.

Years of Experience…

“Charlotte has been working with me and my wardrobe for over ten years. She is always up on the latest fashion and has that innate ability to know exactly what styles work best with different body types. She is honest with her opinion. I take her advice seriously, because she always seems to be right on the money. Honesty, what I value most about Charlotte, is that she is fun! She makes everyone feel so special, so while she is very professional, she feels as if she is just one of the girls. Most of all I feel wonderful and styling’ in my clothes, and that is the icing on the cake.”

Lynn G.

Making Multiple Outfits!

When I originally viewed the Cabi line and your thoughts and approach on fashion, I thought none of that is for me. Especially since you and I are opposites in body types, height etc. I couldn’t vision myself in anything I originally viewed.

The prints or styles just weren’t me. Knowing I have no sense of style and didnt care. Living in my boring ‘corporate’ clothing, countless black, brown, blue suites never stopped my rise in the corporate world.

The comfort of spandex and shorts were primarily all I needed since I retired in 2016. My self esteem / ego are not tied to fashion in the least bit, however you were correct, it feels good.

Your eye to ability to coordinate a few classic pieces that I would never have pulled off a rack on my own, translated into MULTIPLE outfits is testimony to your talents. I have received so many compliments it’s a little embarrassing. Even MORE IMPORTANT, I am comfortable and love how I feel in the outfits.

Since I HATE shopping, you made it all TOO easy. It’s clear that you are passionate at what you do and very very good at it.

Thank you!


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