Easy Tips to Look and Feel Fantastic

  • Dress monochromatically: wearing the same color (family) on top and bottom slims and creates a great base layer.

  • Hem your pants long: It creates a longer leaner silhouette and gives the illusion of long legs.

  • Wear pointy toed footwear: Says you’re a modern woman and gives the illusion of a tall and slim silhouette. Can be “gently” pointy, doesn’t need to be extreme.

  • Strategic details: Wear clothes with details in places away from trouble spots. Shoulder or sleeve details. A pretty neckline. A standout necklace or earrings will catch the eye and draw attention away from any other part of the body.

  • Sleeve length: It makes a big difference for your look if your sleeves are too long. Your whole outfit can look too big. Roll them to show off your wrist. It also helps slim down your look, a goal of most of my clients!

  • Oh, and make the tailor your friend.

Looking confident with purse

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