• Reset your thinking to Yes,… And… and rid yourself of the ole’ Yes,…But.

  • The more we put positive thoughts in our brains, the more positive we become. Why spend time on negativity? Why put that in our brains? Start replacing every “but” you are about to utter with “and”. It’s freeing, and it puts a smile on your face every time you catch yourself!

  • Take this new mindset for a walk among the trees and kick some leaves. It’s peaceful, it’s fun, it gives you pause to think and it’s very good for the soul.

  • Next, get together with friends and family. We’ve seen how life and freedom of movement can flip in a second, so don’t postpone it. Set it up while the thought is fresh in your mind!

  • Dress like it’s going out of style. Wear your favorite clothes anywhere and any time, and for sure avoid treating them like the fine china in the cabinet. Enjoy them to the fullest, and do it now!

  • Think positive and dress to look good and feel great. Call me if you need help with this!

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